About us

Fundación Ayúdate, is a non-profit organization, founded in 2007, whose purpose is the prevention and reduction of Eating Behavior Disorders (TCA), so that women in our country can live authentically.

Indeed, the Foundation was born from the desire to see women free from worries about their weight or the demands of social ideals that, together with traumatic situations, push them into a vicious circle of diets, restrictions, mistreatment and isolation with the false idea of ​​maintaining an ideal or perfect physical figure, thus becoming ill.

We especially help those women who usually cannot get the attention they need to recover, nor the space to express themselves about what they feel.

What do we do?

Our purpose is to reduce and attend to Eating Behavior Disorders (TCA) for which we investigate, attend, train and prevent through specialized information to improve eating habits, psychological and parental skills of the population.

We have all the tools and qualified specialists to be able to help people who are going through the same situation that we already live and we managed to overcome. Our biggest goal is you.


We direct our effort and commitment to sensitize, educate and support our society in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of eating disorders through the dissemination of specialized knowledge to promote comprehensive well-being in our country.


Strengthen the knowledge and practice of healthy behaviors that favor the physical and psychological development of our population. To be a leading institution in the country that promotes the creation of support networks and the approach to research that encourages and promotes the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.


Ética, integridad, empatía. confianza en sí mismo, amor, responsabilidad, dedicación, determinación y estabilidad.

With the union of all our values, we seek that people who suffer from an eating disorder feel accepted and, above all, feel love for themselves.